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    Sea Eye's Custom Xbox 360 Case Shop-Proof-Vouches-Sale Now!


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    Sea Eye's Custom Xbox 360 Case Shop-Proof-Vouches-Sale Now!

    Post  SeaEye on Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:29 am


    [align=center]First SALE

    Here is your tracking number- 03103200000088420823

    Should be there in 2 days!


    [align=center][spoil]These are updated as we get consoles and Mod them. These are pre made and have what we put in them, so they are priced as what are in them. THESE CAN ALL BE VIEWED IN THE PROOF SECTION!!
    1- Window cut out case- with the other side black and a green monster emblem. This also has Green XCM Core Coolers, Green LEDs, and Green Talismoon Whisper fan.[/s] SOLD

    2-Black Night- This is an all black case with a window cut and all the fans and LEds are blue. DONE! Pics are up!

    3- An Xbox with a ghost case and changing LEDs. Also this has a green talismoon whisper fan, and blue xcm core coolers. DONE! pics are up![/spoil][/align]


    [spoil]Here is where you have the chance to customize your own case.

    These can be seen in the proof section but you can tell me to put a decal, your name, and what colors. Also i can make window cut outs. These can be seen in proof section too.

    Example- A monster decal, with 2 windows cut out. This can be found in the proof section.[/spoil][/align]



    If you have the dreaded 3 rrod and still want to play we can fix it for you!

    We reflow your console and we fix the xclamps. This all together ultimately fixes your xbox. When we send it back you have a 14 day warranty if rrod pops on again. [/spoil]


    [align=center][spoil]This is the process of what you would do if you would what to do business with us->

    1. You first contact us either by AIM or PM talking about questions and prices and all that stuff.

    2. After discussing the price and what you would like you will send the money to my paypal which is barca2326@aim.com. Leave a note saying what you ordered and your address.

    3. Once i get the payment i will let you know and you will ship me one side of housing or both.(Depends what you ordered) I will also get ready or order your specific parts.

    4. Once i get your console and the parts are in then it takes a day to mod. After it is done i will take a pic and send to you seeing if you like it. If it is good then i ship it back.

    6. After this process we ship back to you using priority mail which usually gets there in about 3 days. And then you have your sick xbox 360.


    [align=center][spoil]TONS OF PROOF!!

    Video Proof-


    Parts That we have as of now


    finished consoles-

    Black Knight-

    Ghost Case Console

    Shipping Materials




    [align=center][spoil]Here are the prices for the console and Options of customization -->





    Limited sale! All consoles come with a 20g hdd, power brick, av cables!

    Monster console-210$ Shipped

    Black Night- 215$ Shipped

    Ghost cased Console- 200$ Shipped

    Case Customizing-

    One Window Cut out- 20$

    2 windows- 25$

    Decal- 10$


    One window+Decal- 30$

    One window+Name-35$

    Decal+Name- 25$

    One Window+Decal+name- 40$

    2 Windows+Decal+name- 45$


    Reflow+Xclamp Fix-25

    Add a whisper fan for 20$

    Before purchasing or send money contact me first!!![/spoil][/align]


    [align=center][spoil]Contact Me Before you even think about sending money!!

    You can always AIM me at
    Screen name- barca2326
    email- barca2326@aim.com

    Or you can always PM me.

    Just contact me first!!![/spoil][/align]





    [align=center][spoil] We do have some extras and accessories!!

    We have-------

    2 Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers- 30$ Shipped

    2 Power Bricks- 10$ Shipped

    2 20g HDD- 30$ Shipped 50$ for both

    4 regular AV cables for xbox 360- 15$ Shipped

    1 HD AV cable for XBOX 360-20$ shipped

    Madden 11 like new for xbox 360-35$ Shipped

    Halo 3 for xbox 360-15$ Shipped



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    Re: Sea Eye's Custom Xbox 360 Case Shop-Proof-Vouches-Sale Now!

    Post  lmaocod on Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:37 am

    stickied for the time being... get us some pics or a video

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